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Lemizo Paper

Lemizo Paper has been able to link to a sizable network of consuming locations in both the domestic and export kraft paper and duplex board markets thanks to its strategic location just off Morbi in Gujarat and adjacent to Navlakhi Port. The Lemizo Paper manufacturing team uses cutting-edge, modernized technology and production techniques to produce, print, and assess the product's quality and refinement.

The Group has excellent marketing network including highly effective sales team, end users, distributors, storage facility and fast delivery capabilities.

Our products promote a healthy living ideology and all the finished duplex board papers are environmentally-friendly and are based around three R's of Reuse, Recycle, and Reduce strategic manufacturing approach.

Vision & Mission


To develop & optimize our paper in order to continually improve the product's quality, and service to the delight of both local and foreign customers while maintaining a competitive price point.


We supplying duplex paperboards and packaging solutions to customers on all continents. And to establish itself as the most reputable and well known brand name in the sector globally.


Our basic beliefs characterize our method of working together and how we need to be seen. We believe in keeping promises and building honest relationships.

Our Strengths

Best Duplex Board Paper Manufacturer In India

Spento Papers is a proud owner of the finest manufacturing coated duplex board paper mill in Gujarat and the highly skilled and dedicated workforce. Apart from the excellent product quality and service, the Spento Papers has lots to offer in terms of its strengths or features.

Some of them are:

  • Latest Coated Duplex Board Paper Production Mills
  • Usage of High-Quality Raw Materials
  • Sustainable and Eco-friendly Products
  • High Quality and Advanced Quality Checks
  • Highly Committed Towards Customer's Delivery Deadline


  • Mr. Pankaj Panara
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  • Mr. Satish Patel
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