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Our research team follows the research and quality control thumb rule: the finished duplex board product must adhere to all required specifications. They have to adhere to the predetermined quality requirements. The manufactured and imprinted duplex board paper goods are subject to tight management and maintenance of quality tests. Our quality control staff works hard to deliver high-quality, environmentally friendly products that satisfy customers. The team is constantly working to improve and raise the quality standards for duplex board goods in terms of designing, manufacturing, printing, finishing, and marketing.

Paper Making Process

With an introduced cap of 3,20,000 TPA, the company operates two board machines and four adjustable paper machines.

The different useful qualities of the Machines and the swing limit have empowered the organization to deliver a wide arrangement of paper and Board going from 52 to 600 gsm , took into account an expanded application section empowering the factory to support its offer in a market delicate to the season and cycle.

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